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Who We are

Mazza was born from a simple idea: to offer the world’s most exceptional jewelry. Located in the heart of New York’s Diamond District and with a global network, we thrive to imagine, design and craft some of the most exquisite jewelry pieces. Our clients span from all industries including finance, sports, music and arts, and we take great pride in offering unique pieces tailor to their needs. Our savoir-faire combines the most talented jewelers with the most audacious artisans. Each of our pieces is specially produced to nurture our client’s individuality and imagination.

Our unique team of fearless individuals is made of a professional collective. Each person is well experienced in the jewelry business and continues to outshine competitors in and outside of New York's Diamond District. Together, the knowledge obtained is beyond legendary. Their bond is unbreakable. And their history is planted.

  • Paul Mazza - Founder

  • Uri - Co-founder

  • Randy - Sales Representative

  • Daniel 'PRoPS' Amalbert - Interactive Designer

  • Carly Caridi - Administrator

What We Do


Men & Women of all walks of life look forward to be seen in premium designer jewelry. The customers of Mazza Select are no different. Our vision is to keep iconic pieces of jewelry at reasonable prices, making it accessible for everyone to attain.


Our utmost priority is to create an environment in which every client feels valued, appreciated, and acknowledged. We are proud to offer exclusive experiences to each of our clients, and thrive to deliver unparalleled service.

Our passion for quality, blended with our sense of integrity, has allowed us to successfully compile an elite group of knowledgeable, devoted, and passionate individuals.

Get In Touch

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Sales Dept.